Like all managers, I started with managing a small department. My first experience as a department manager was in Procter&Gamble, where I was the manager of the Western Latvia Sales department. A bit later I was the manager of Georgia’s and Armenia’s Sales departments as well as the Baltic Trade Marketing department for the same company. My biggest challenge in my management career was the creation of the ARTI Group holding in the Caucasus, at the same time developing a retail chain in Georgia, followed by leading Dominante LS and Trialto out of pre-bankruptcy situations in Latvia. The companies that I've run have, in general, been or have achieved leader positions under my control. Many of my subordinates still remember me as the change maker. It doesn’t matter whether I work with a room of 500 people or individually, I focus on the practice and positive changes. I teach only what I’ve seen working in practice. My main task - knowledge must be practical in the everyday situations of a particular manager.


I've been negotiating since the mid-1990s when I was still working in a bank, where my task was to reach an agreement with clients and suppliers of the bank. Later I negotiated from both positions: as a sales person and a shopper, on such topics as long-term product supply agreements, equipment delivery for certain projects and purchasing of real estate and companies. The biggest negotiations that I consulted for was non-military cargo transit to Afghanistan through Latvia.

I believe it’s important to spot the unseen and unknown motivator of my opponent. To guess his secret wishes and concerns in order to use them for closing a successful deal.


My first trainer’s experience was in 1997, when I was certified as an Inner Coach for Presentational Skills at Procter&Gamble. Since then human development is my passion. I’ve taught sales and business negotiations in every company I’ve managed. In 2008, I founded my own consultation business in Georgia. Since then various trainings are my source of income. Since 2011, training and consulting is my main job. Each year I conduct several hundred training and consulting hours.

It’s important for me to have every participant leave with at least one useful idea. Only that kind of practice counts. That’s why I prefer small groups, where I can divide my attention among each participant and answer all questions. I’m a coach who makes you think. It won’t be easy with me, because I expect a result from everyone. But it’s fun, because as we learn from our mistakes, the progress is interesting and often funny.

Amongst my clients are outstanding representatives of their industries:

Amongst my clients are outstanding representatives of their industries: RIMI, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Tamro, Eiroaptieka, Ernst&Young, Statoil, Bank of Latvia, Swedbank, Bank of Georgia, SAF Tehnika, Stream Networks, Tele2, Viasat, BTA, Orkla, Cemex, Olvi Group, Severstal, Ventspils nafta terminal, Lattelecom, Latvenergo, Citrus Solutions, etc.


I’ve received an Eriksson International Gold Certificate on Individual Coaching, which allows me to provide coaching services in accordance with the ICF standard. In further education I’ve mastered the methodology of team coaching and quantum thinking. I am currently working on the ACC level for my coaching practice.

As a coach I work with individuals and also use coaching as a support method for working with corporate clients.

Team coaching also plays a large part in my coaching practice, working with both goals and solutions.


First of all, Firewalking for me is a tool which helps build the client’s motivation and prepares them for overcoming insecurities. Ambitious business or personal goals, mobilization before important races, the next step on a career hill - these are just some of the examples where Firewalking or other similar methods can be useful. I am proud to say that the Firewalking experience has let many of my clients reach excellent results in their business and careers. At the same time, the path of the Firewalking master means a much deeper level of awareness and knowledge of processes associated with fear and overcoming it, as well as how to turn fear and insecurity into a gush of excitement and motivation.

These are only a couple of my clients – Citrus Solutions, EY, Philips, Citadele Life, Velve, V. Astafjevs, R. Bergmanis, K. Porziņģis, A. Bagatskis and many more.